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Our Hospital Updates


  Pentavalent/Gsk which includes:

  • OPV
  • HIB
  • TRI
  •  Rotarix
  • Pneumococcal


  •  Measles/ Yellow Fever


  • BCG every 2 weeks alternate Fridays

  Other Vaccines

  This Vaccines will be available from Monday - Friday. Time : 9AM - 3PM, except on special arrangement

  • MMR
  • Chicken Pox
  • Typhoid and Meningitis
  • Pneumococal
  1. Measles and Yellow fever vaccines next date is Wednesday 6th of Feb.2013 and every two weeks from then on. Vaccination starts at 9 am and it's for children who are 9 months old and beyond.
  2. BCG is every Friday from Friday 8th of February for new born babies and its from 9am. Pls note that after 6Hours it will not be given again as its efficacy will be in doubt.
  3. All other vaccines are available everyday according to each baby's appointment.
Bee Hess Hospital currently acquired a link to a nearby property.The property acquisition is part of the Bee Hess Hospital Expansion Program and would serve as a fully functional Bee Hess Structure. This would house the Dental Center, Laboratories, Out-Patients Department and MiniWards.
Bee Hess Hospital now conducts medical checks for Commercial Drivers. Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) approves Bee Hess Hospital for Medical Checks on Commercial Drivers. Commercial drivers can come in and get tested.
Cornerstone Insurance officially approves Bee Hess Hospital as partners for Life Insurance Medical Tests. Medical services such as tests, etc. for life insurance is now carried at Bee Hess Hospital.